A glimpse of ocean bound plastic

By 2050, the world’s oceans will have more plastic than fish with potentially catastrophic consequences on sea life and the health of the ocean. Economically, countries with coastal boundaries will be heavily impacted as plastic pollution has already generated a 13 billion dollars in monetary losses. Considering that this is an extreme problem that we are currently facing the current solution is not enough in curbing our plastic pollution

Solving the problem

HHI is currently working with multiple partners to have our waste plastic supply chain and plastic resin manufacturing facilities fully qualified, verified and certified as an Ocean Plastic supplier to brand owners who market their products to discerning customers that care about the environment. We recover or collect the ocean plastic waste from coastal area and ocean bound before converting traceable ocean plastic so you can make high quality eco-friendly products for your discerning consumers. The latest achievement is that HHI successfully acquired the Ocean Bound Plastic Certification from Zero Plastic Ocean , audited by Control Union & witnessed by WWF.

WHY ocean bound plastic ?

  • HHI pledge towards recycle cumulatively 30,000 tons of Ocean Bound Plastic by the year 2025.
  • According to our research, a total of 75,000 tons CO2 can be reduced.
  • HHI mobilized some of the informal communities to shoreline, waterway & island to collect Ocean Bound Plastic. 
  • With the technology HHI have, we are able to convert the scrap collected & convert into industrial grade for application such as household , automotive, home appliances & etc.
  • HHI performs engagement with customers by providing a QR Code that footprints the entire chain of custody.
  • HHI is the first company in the world to obtained Ocean Bound Plastic certificate as a recycler & collector by Zero Plastic Ocean.
  • HHI is currently partnering with NGO , local community & stakeholders to collect Ocean Bound Plastic.