PLASHAUS smart plastic

HengHiap Industries is capable of customizing the raw materials such as PP,PE &PET into an on spec materials for our customer.

Currently, HHI is serving 8 different Industry all over the world

Category of product

In HengHiap , we have few category such as rPP/rHDPE customizing, Ocean Plastic, rPET and many more.

Out of all these category of product, we serve 8 different industry .


PLASHAUS provides high melt flow index that achieves 45g/10min, which reduces production cycle time, and allows for more efficiency, while reducing costs for your final products. PLASHAUS also provides billions of customizable colors as well as being fully opaque to create better growing conditions for flowers or plants. Plus, it also has the added-on benefit of being biodegradable.


PLASHAUS delivers the same quality and properties by using virgin material and masterbatch polymers for household products. We also recognizes that color and durability are key points for wining market share, so PLASHAUS provides high elongation and better flexural modulus to meet your end customers’ requirements while bringing costs down and supporting your existing branding.

Paint Bucket

PLASHAUS is able to strengthen poultry items with high flexural modulus requirements.

Industrial Handling

PLASHAUS is able to produce harder yet more elastic products that provide more durability for industrial usage. PLASHAUS also provides PP with no silver streak on the appearance of products such as pallets, industrial baskets, industrial containers and similar industrial applications.


PLASHAUS delivers great heat distortion temperature capabilities together with high ductility for automotive products, especially those made from PP such as bumpers, rear mirrors, seat covers and the like. PLASHAUS is currently supplied to numerous world renowned automotive manufacturers.

Home Appliances

PLASHAUS materials comply fully to RoHS standards and undergo full 3rd party inspections and lab tests to ensure consistent quality. As testament to his, PLASHAUS is already supplied to various world famous Japanese and Korean companies for use in their manufacturing of air conditioners, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and numerous other home appliances.


PLASHAUS can control the density and moisture to suitable levels at the reasonable price and keeps costs down to ensure that your products are able to fit expected weight requirements. PLASHAUS is also suitable for use in indoor fire-retardant appliances or low smoke functionality to fulfill your exacting requirements.


PLASHAUS is able to control its low melt flow intex before the start of production, helping to ensure a high and consistent quality of HDPE Pipe toward the manufacturer. PLASHAUS also has the further benefit of being highly resistant to breakdown by visible and non-visible light rays allowing it maintain the colour fastness of HDPE Pipes in a periods of time.